Women should never treat their husbands as children

Women should never treat their husbands as children

When choosing a spouse, too many men will unconsciously regard being able to take care of their own lives and going to the kitchen and kitchen as the first condition; women will naturally provoke this burden, not only taking care of the family, but also teaching their husbands to be human.

What will happen as a result?

  Over the past 10 years of marriage, Ming Chen increasingly feels that his wife is portraying his mother, and always asks him to change this and that, and the intimate call when in love slowly turns into an uninterrupted uncle in the middle.

When the two fell in love, Ming Chen was only 23 years old, but he didn’t mind that his wife was two years older than himself, but she was attracted by her maturity and carefulness. I felt that marrying a wife would definitely be taken care of like a mother, and life wouldHappy and happy.

But through the years, Ming Chen felt that he had matured, and his “Oedema complex” had faded.

Nowadays, his wife’s repeated requests and appointment of consultants will only make him feel re-trusted and accepted, and annoyance will arise.

  After getting married, many couples are used to locking each other in certain communication modes, ignoring each other’s need to change and adjust at any time, resulting in difficult to repair barriers.

Surrounding such a predicament, Ming Chen must bear some responsibility.

He should let his wife know about his change, especially let her understand that he needs a partner who is willing to accept, tolerate and appreciate his partner, not someone who continues to act as a mother to supervise everything.

  The wife should also reflect on whether she should marry a husband or raise an additional son?

Marriage relationships should be equal, understand each other, and appreciate each other.

If women blindly treat their sons with their husbands and increase their own pressure, which will affect the feelings of husband and wife, it will be impossible to talk about relying on her husband to build a home.

Therefore, it is better to give some constructive hints at the appropriate time to make the husband think that he has a good idea.

In this way, a happy marriage can also help the husband grow up.