Some postures that the elderly should pay attention to

Some postures that the elderly should pay attention to

I am afraid of sedentary.

Too many older people like to sit all day long, thinking that it is easy and not too tired.

In fact, otherwise, “senior people are hurt.”

Sitting is a necessary rest to eliminate fatigue, but sitting still for a long time, severe muscle lack of exercise, which leads to muscle relaxation, which accelerates the decline and shrinkage of muscles over time.

Therefore, the elderly should participate in outdoor activities as much as possible. It is not advisable to sit too much and be too long, because “life is in motion.”

  Second, afraid of standing.

The motherland’s Chinese medicine believes that “the long-term person is hurting the bones”.

Everyone’s every move must consume blood. If you sit still for a long time or stay away for a long time, you will have qi and blood stagnation, which will lead to disease.

The operation of the qi and blood of the elderly has been weakened. It relies on the combination of movement and static to adjust the balance. Therefore, it is necessary to sit and alternate with the walking, and move the bones and muscles to avoid maintaining a posture.

  Three are afraid of lying for a long time.

Older people grow older and sleep less often when they are younger, so in addition to nighttime sleep, try to stay less.

“Long-term person is hurt”, it is necessary to adapt to the four-season climate change, “late in the morning and get up early” in spring and summer, “early morning and early rise” in autumn, and “early sleep in the early winter”.

Of course, sleep can not be too small, but not as much as possible, generally 8 hours is enough.

Appropriate amount of sleep can achieve the spirit of Ningshen, ensuring longevity and good health in old age.

  Four are afraid of long-sightedness.

In daily life, visual fatigue often rarely attracts people’s attention, but “long-sighted people are hurt” is an unchangeable fact.

When people are old, their eyes are already dim, and if they use too much, they will hurt blood and dizziness.

Therefore, the elderly over 65 years old should read newspapers and magazines or movies and TVs for 1 to 2 hours. During the period, pay attention to eye rest, eye exercises, and prevent eye fatigue.

  Of course, there are still many behaviors that affect the health of the elderly. As long as they pay more attention and prevent more in the daily life, they can live a healthy, happy and happy old age.