Qiuzao is easy to get angry. Acupuncture helps you get angry.

Qiuzao is easy to get angry. Acupuncture helps you get angry.

Qiuzao, many people will have symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, dry nose, dry skin and constipation.

Get angry, in addition to taking gunpowder, or using traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to get rid of fire, there are also very good results.

How does acupuncture cure fire?

Here’s how to get rid of fire with acupuncture at home.

  Qiuzao, why do people get angry easily?

  Symptoms of autumn dryness: The weather is cold and hot, and some people always feel uncomfortable: dry mouth, dry water, and no moisturizing.

Sometimes the nasal cavity feels dry and accidentally bleeds.

The throat is also itchy and coughs frequently, sometimes with a small amount of sputum, but it is always coughing.

Lips are cracked when touched, it is painful to drink water, and it is difficult to eat. These are the symptoms of Qiuzao.

  Reasons for getting angry: The main energy of autumn is dryness, which can easily lead to the symptoms of getting angry. After the autumn is coming, all kinds of getting angry symptoms will only increase.

In addition to weather reasons, staying up late often can easily lead to “yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity” and produce symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat.

In fact, contracted work stress makes people extremely fragile. Long-term depression and anxiety can lead to physical symptoms.

  Get angry, pay attention to adjust the pace of life and mood, while taking some anti-fire Chinese medicine.

In addition, you may use acupuncture at home to eliminate internal fire.

  Lighter is lighter, and people who often get angry with acupuncture can get rid of fire by learning acupuncture and massage at home.

If the symptoms of anger are mild, the easiest way is to buy a skin needle, which is often used in the large vertebral body (on the posterior midline, in the depression of the seventh cervical spinous process), the curved pool (the elbows are bent at a right angle,The midpoint of the line between the lateral end of the elbow transverse line and the lateral epicondyle of the fracture bone), Hegu (at the tiger’s mouth at the back of the hand, in the depression between the first metacarpal and the second metacarpal), Quze (in the transverse elbow, when the biceps tendon is fracturedThe edge of the ulnar side) and other point tapping until a pale blood color appears in the acupoint, which can reduce the better fire-extinguishing effect.

  If the fire is heavy, cupping + scraping If the symptoms of the fire are serious, you can use cupping and scraping to get rid of the fire.

Apply lubricating oil or edible oil to the body and insert it into the “Bladder Meridian” (1 lateral to the middle of the spine).

5 inches) or “pericardial meridian” (upper arm) can or scrape.

Once a day, or once every other day, if the skin becomes flushed or has red spots, it can stop.

  Ignition symptoms are very severe. If the symptoms of extinction are very severe and the duration is prolonged, you can consider “spotting bloodletting”. Use silver needles to lightly puncture points in the large vertebra, Quchi, Hegu, Quze, and thenCupping at the puncture site, bleeding through the internal fire.

This method seems a bit risky and difficult to master.

But now there is a special “lancet” for sale, which fixes the penetration length of the needle to ensure safety.

This method is very effective in removing fire.

  While using diet and traditional Chinese medicine to cure internal fire, massage various acupoints can treat various symptoms of fire.

If the throat is dry, you can often massage the Yuji acupoints (the depression behind the first metacarpophalangeal joint, about the radial side of the first metacarpal bone, the red white flesh), Shaoshang acupoints (thumb, one point outside the corner of the nail), cheapSpring acupoints (the anesthesia of the human body, currently on the midline, above the laryngeal knot, and the depression of the upper margin of the hyoid bone); if the stool is dry, you can often massage the Tianshu acupoint (2 inches apart from the middle of the umbilicus);Step on the outer wrist acupoint (2 inches above the horizontal stripes on the back of the hand, between the ulnar and radial bones, the line between the Yangchi and the elbow tip), and the Fengmen acupoint (opened 1 between the 2nd and 3rd thoracic spine).

5 inch).