Chinese Golden Whistle Lu Jun commuted from prison for one year and will not work in the sports field

“Chinese Golden Whistle” Lu Jun commuted from prison for one year and will not work in the sports field September 3rd Yesterday, the former Chinese gold whistle Lu Jun was released from Yancheng Prison ahead of time and started a new life.In 2012, Lu Jun was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months’ imprisonment for bribery offenses for non-state staff. The sentence was calculated from the date of the arrest on March 3, 2010, and ended on September 2, 2015.In the meantime, Lu Jun was praised for many times, and he did show repentance, reducing his sentence by 1 year.The former Chinese footballer who has regained his freedom will also receive much attention.When Lu Jun was released from prison earlier, it was suspected that when Lu Jun’s wife and children took him out of prison, why didn’t he see him? More than 7 o’clock, the family took the luxury car to pick up more than 8 o’clock yesterday morning. The reporter rushed to Yancheng Prison in Sanhe City, Hebei Province, hoping to be able to film the scene where Lu Jun was released from prison.However, the prison staff confirmed to reporters that Lu Jun had been taken away by his family at more than seven in the morning and regained his freedom.It is reported that from a picture taken by a squatting photographer, at 7:26 this morning, a white white off-road vehicle drove out of Yancheng Prison, suspected of Lu Jun’s family.The driver looks exactly like Lu Jun, suspected to be his son, while the seat of the co-pilot is like Lu Jun’s wife.  It is understood that on August 31, Lu Jun’s family has put a whole new set of clothes in the prison.On the morning of the 2nd, he went to bed at 6:30 and he could put on his new clothes.The police officer of Yancheng Prison issued a release certificate and related documents to Lu Jun.With this release certificate, Lu Jun can register with the public security organ and restore his legal citizenship.In essence, Lu Jun’s discipline police officer also cleared all the money left in Lu Jun’s personal account in prison, put the cash into the warehouse, and handed it to him.Lu Jun formally cleared the prison’s finances.What did you do before you were released from prison? Sending items to prison inmates, saying goodbye to old friends at 8 am on September 1st, other prisoners were out of work, and Lu Jun began to sort out his items.The items he counted were divided into different categories. The prison uniforms he passed through, other clothing, bedding, toiletries, and even books were all sent to the prisoners and inmates around him.  In the evening, Lu Jun came to several other prisons and said goodbye to some old friends.This is usually not allowed, but in the education division of the prison, especially for people like Lu Jun who are immediately released, the prison specifically allows them to say goodbye to other prisons on the eve of leaving.A prisoner took the initiative to go to Lu Jun’s prison and say goodbye to him.What can I do after being released from prison? Writing memoirs is naturally what will Lu Jun do after he is released from prison?Some speculate that he will go abroad, and some speculate that a capable person like Lu Jun will no longer be involved in the greenery, but he will also worry about food and clothing.  It is reported that Lu Jun has already started to do business, and with enough accumulation, he will live better than the average person.There are also life problems after he is released from prison in the future. Lu Jun said that his family has a job, and he can help the child’s company to do something, and life will not be difficult.But one thing is for sure, because of the ban on lifelong armed football, Lu Jun refused to watch any football-related programs in prison, and will not continue to work in the sports field after he is released from prison.  In fact, Lu Jun is the best to write a memoir. He can write about his referee career and even the seriousness of this circle and the successful transformation in prison, and it is easy and can sell a good price.Extended reading: A generation of black whistle Lu Jun releases his sentence after serving his sentence, and he is the leader of the garden group health team in anti-gambling sentence: Huang Junjie was sentenced to 7 years fine 200,000 Lu Jun 5 years in June fined 100,000 CCTV reveals new anti-gambling progress Lu Jun Huang JunjieRecognize three foul shots