The eight most fearful things in your baby’s heart

The eight most fearful things in your baby’s heart

Fear incident 1 Mommy is gone. Does she want me?

Does she never come back?

When Mommy went out to work for the first time, Zhuangzhuang was having fun with her uncle, so Mommy went out quietly, and he didn’t cry at all.

When he remembered looking for Mummy, he realized that she had suddenly disappeared. Zhuangzhuang was crying for a while, but she was so tired that she fell asleep in her arms.

From then on, Zhuangzhuang stared at her mummy every night. As soon as she was ready to go out, Zhuangzhuang hugged her mummy’s clothes with a pair of little hands and refused to let go.

  Bold strategy: Before the baby’s separation concerns begin to develop, he begins to train him to learn to adapt to a brief separation from his mummy, and teach him to say goodbye to her every time she leaves.

Every time you go out, tell the baby clearly where Mummy is going, and tell him when he will come back in a way that the baby can understand, until the next meal.

Whether he knows it or not, insist on doing so.

Play a separate game with your baby, give him a favorite toy when saying goodbye to your baby, give him some promises that he notices, etc. Let these bring him some pleasant emotional experiences, which can effectively reduce or even eliminate mommyThe fear that separation gave him.

  Fear event 2: Will the strange nose that eats dust eat me?

When her mother uses a vacuum cleaner, Tintin will scream and scream in a frightened voice.

Once, he even saw it with his own eyes eating a small piece of paper!

There is nothing worse than that.

You haven’t seen its long nose smelling on the ground, screaming in the belly, as if hungry.

Maybe Mommy didn’t look at it, she would eat herself in.

  Bold strategy: In addition to vacuum cleaners, baby may be afraid of other noisy appliances.

Regardless of whether the baby understands it or not, simply explain to him the role of the vacuum cleaner and the reason why it “grotesquely”, and tell the baby that this thing will not harm him.

Patiently demonstrate to the baby how to switch these appliances on and let him understand that he can control this thing with a small switch, which can help him understand why they can’t hurt him.

  Fear event 3 Will the pot of flowers with many eyes on the balcony catch me?

Some tropical foliage plants have bright colors or lines, and their large leaves sometimes make baby feel very scared.

Lulu is like this. She dare not look at it, and dare not touch the pot called “flower” on the balcony. Even if her parents hold the leaf in her hand, she will scream in awe.Hiding back: “Mummy, look, there are so many eyes!

“Strengthening strategy: Don’t force your baby to approach the foliage plants he is afraid of. This will increase his fear.

Parents can often touch the foliage plant in front of the baby, exaggerate its beautiful color, etc., and tell the baby by action that it will not cause harm to people.

Wait until the baby dare to look at the pot of plants, then hold him to look at it, and slowly transition to trying to touch it, so that the baby can gain some experience about this plant, and slowly establish that it will not “Cannibalism “concept.

  Fear event 4 Will the thing that tore the sky and yell and tear me out and eat it?

Doudou looked at the sky torn by lightning outside the window and heard the deafening thunder.

Doudou cried in fear and hid in Mummy’s arms. She held her ears with her little hands and buried her face in Mummy’s chest.A glance out the window.

“It’s tearing . it’s angry!

“She just went back and forth to engage in this sentence, waiting for the thing that had torn the sky and shouted to disappear.

  Bold strategy: Uncommon thunder or other loud sounds can make your baby feel inexplicable.

At this time, whether the baby understands or not, the parents must explain to her the source of these voices and tell her that these things will not hurt him.

In order to help the baby get used to these sounds, he can usually play a noise game with him appropriately at home, or buy a small gong for the baby, other toys that can knock out loud sounds, or simply use the kitchen utensil-sized metal lid andPots, etc., tap to let the baby get used to this noise, and at the same time explain to the baby that thunder is just a sound, it will only appear when it rains, not terrible.

  Fear event 5 A person who doesn’t know me must hug me and kiss me, he must be trying to grab me away from mommy, right?

Dangdang is lively and mischievous at home, often making the family laugh.

This extraordinary little guy who was active at home was stunned when he went out.

Grandma wanted to hug him. He quickly hid his head in Mummy’s arms, and squeezed Mummy’s clothes tightly with both hands, for fear of being snatched away.

Uncle wanted to touch his little head, and he cried with a wow.

When a guest came home, he must have dragged his mommy up, and when he met his uncle who was stronger, he was so scared that he couldn’t stop crying.  Boldness strategy: Fear of birth is a stage that most babies will experience. Generally, it will be around 2 years old, and this phenomenon will recover until it finally disappears.

When treating a baby who is afraid of life, he must respect his choice.

He doesn’t want strangers to hold him, so don’t force him.

Parents can hold the baby in their arms, chat with the stranger when he is a certain distance from the stranger, let him slowly adapt to the faces of those strangers, and accept the strangers little by little.

You can usually take your baby out to play, and greet neighbors and friends every time you go out, giving him more opportunities to meet strangers, and helping him gradually eliminate his fear of strangers.

  Fear event 6 Smelly sucked, will I still be stunned by the strange whirlpool?

Mengmeng is used to the bidet, and used to take a bath in his own small tub.

When Mommy first taught her to sit on the toilet, she cried in horror when she saw her stinky bark washed down by the swirl in the toilet.

That night, when she was bathing in a bathtub for the first time, another similar experience of fear once again scared her to scream by hanging her mum’s neck.

  Boldness strategy: The sewer is one of the causes that many babies can’t understand and thus cause fear.

Therefore, some babies are used to sitting at home, and when they go to kindergarten, they may have an inexplicable fear of the toilet or pit in the kindergarten, and they may even refuse to go to kindergarten.

When the baby is afraid of this, the parents should not force the baby to let him continue to take a basin or bath and give him a week or two to alleviate this fear. At the same time, the baby can deliberately let the baby play in the bathtub when there is no water in the bathtub.Familiarize him with the bathtub and gradually eliminate his fear of the bathtub.

The baby in the kindergarten can discuss with the teacher and let him bring his own urinal to transition.

Every time you bathe your baby in a bathtub, remember to wrap him in a bath towel and hold him in his arms before putting water in it, which can also reduce his fear.

  Fear event 7 The kitten raised his hair, bowed his back, and looked at me unhappy. He wanted to bite me hard?

Hang Hang was curious when he saw the little Persian cat from his neighbor’s aunt’s house. He always wanted to touch the little furry animal.

On this day, Hang Hang finally got caught and approached the little Persian cat. As soon as his little hand imitated, the kitten raised his hair, bowed his back, and looked unhappy.

Hang Hang immediately burst into tears.

From then on, as soon as he saw the fluffy little animal, he scared into his mother’s arms.

  Bold strategy: The baby’s alertness to external objects is a normal psychological phenomenon and a manifestation of psychological growth.

If the baby is too afraid of small animals, you can buy him books and CDs about small animals, and let him learn more about these small animals through this, which can help him eliminate fear.

You can usually give him more opportunities to contact these small animals, try to feed them, watch them play, and touch the small animals when they are safe.

As the baby grows up, he will gradually accept small animals, and his fear of small animals will disappear.

  Fear event 8 Do you think the black-grumpy room is a monster’s big mouth?

Those invisible teeth will chew me up, right?

Tong Tong is afraid of darkness, and he has to turn on the lights every night to fall asleep.

As soon as it got dark, he didn’t dare to go out, and insisted on turning on all the lights. No matter where he was, the lights in every room should be on so that he would dare to play with peace of mind, otherwise he would cry.Mummy, that black monster will eat me.

You turn on the lights quickly!

“Strengthening strategy: Because you can’t see anything, your baby’s life experience has increased, and her imagination is getting richer. Many babies will have many weird imaginations about the dark environment for no reason, and they are extremely frightened.

Therefore, parents do not usually tell the baby stories of horror, and do not use “before you sleep, the wolf will eat you and you!”

“” You’re not going to sleep anymore, uncle police came to arrest you! ”

“To coax the baby to sleep.

If the baby is afraid of the dark, he can turn on a night light before he falls asleep. Usually, he can play touch games in the dark as a family, or blindfold his eyes and catch people, etc., to let the baby get rid of the game.Fear of darkness.