Who the hell is your personality?

Who the hell is your personality?

This is a gorgeous and popular fashion event where all the beautiful women are fighting for their own beauty. All the fashion people are trying their best to dress themselves up. If you want to create a stunning effect, you are also invited to participate. What will you dress?

  A, neutral style B, sexy and glamorous C, gorgeous retro style D, dignified basic models. If you choose A: You are a person who looks easy-going and indifferent.

Outstanding pacifism, do not like quarrels, and will maintain friendly relations with everyone, but that is only superficial, you will not give it all, just to the point, when your friends need you, you are long gone.

  If you choose B: You are just like fearing that the world is not messy, and you want to repeat everything. Even if others are annoying you, you still come in and think that only you can solve these things. At first,Everyone may praise you for your enthusiasm and help, but then you may not be able to stand your chicken personality.

  If you choose C: you always have a look of incredible pride, and people will unconsciously want to stab you.

In fact, you are not a bad person. You just have a tofu heart. If you do n’t know enough about you, you will have misunderstandings. You should adjust your attitude and change the line of being close to the people.

  If you choose D: This is not possible, and the other is not. This is what everyone thinks of you.

Although some people often praise you for being honest and reliable, it also means that you are a boring and unknowable person. You should have the courage to try different lifestyles to make life more interesting.