Snow clam cream can nourish yin and tonic papaya stew

Snow clam cream can nourish yin and tonic papaya

Snow clam is a precious frog species that grows in the forest areas of Northeast China. Because it hibernates in frozen rivers for more than 100 days in the snow, it is called “snow clam.”Especially suitable for female friends.

The snow-white snow clams are crystal clear, and it tastes smooth and tender in the mouth. With the sweetness of papaya, it can make people have an ultimate enjoyment.

Today Xiaobian teaches everyone to make papaya stewed snow clams.

Ingredients for papaya stewed snow clams: 5 grams of snow clams, 1 papaya, 4 slices of ginger, 4 medlars, rock sugar, water amount Method: 1. Soak the snow clams in water overnight and wash them clean before use; 2. Place the papaya flat on the stomachCut a sufficient amount of the seeds, use a spoon to remove the seeds inside, the action should be light, do not penetrate the papaya; 3, put water in a small pot, put a few slices of ginger, put water into the snow toad after the water, so that you can go fishy4. Remove the snow clams, add them to the small pot, and simmer for more than 20 minutes. Put the stewed snow clams into the papaya, add a few grains of wolfberry, cover the papaya lid, and steam.Steam in the pot for 15 minutes and serve.

Snow clams have a nourishing and nourishing effect and can improve immunity. Snow clams are a precious frog species that grows in forest areas in northeast China. They are called “snow clams” because they hibernate in frozen rivers for more than 100 days in the snow.

Every winter, when the snow clam stores energy to prepare for hibernation, it is also the time when the snow clam has the strongest vitality, especially the fallopian tube (snow clam oil) of the female snow clam, which gathers all the nutrients for the offspring of the coming year, and its nourishing function is unparalleled.Therefore, September to November is the best time to capture snow clams, and it is also the time when the nutritional content of snow clams is the best.

Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that Rana temporaria oil has the functions of “relieving deficiency and fatigue, diminishing swelling and replenishing deficiency.”

You Yi Maternity.

“Chinese Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine” points out that Rana esculenta oil has “a medicine that strengthens kidney yang, refining and replenishing bone marrow, moistening lungs, depleting stomach, and not refining qi.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that snow clams can nourish kidneys and refine essences, nourish yin and nourish the lungs, and be used for physical weakness, post-illness disorders, fatigue, kidney deficiency, mental insomnia, insomnia, more than night sweats, coughing blood, etc.The snow clam has a high protein content of more than 50%, which can enhance the body’s immunity and endurance, make people calm, and can resist anxiety and fatigue.

For women, after fully swelling, snow clams release collagen, amino acids, and ribitol, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, especially skin tissues, keep the skin smooth, delicate, and keep the body young and healthy.

It is rich in collagen, has better affinity with human skin, and is easily absorbed by the skin. It can prevent hand and foot wrinkles, moisturize, repair after sunburn, remove wrinkles, relieve itching, reduce pigmentation, skin care and promote wound healing.Has better efficacy.

Commonly used snow clams are snow clams, fallopian tubes, and snow clams are a type of frog. However, the snow clams we eat in our daily life are small white grains, not like frogs at all. This is because we usually use it as a tonic.The so-called “snow clam” that nurses and feeds refers to the fallopian tubes and aunt parts of female snow clams.

It is called by the medical community as a green health soft gold frog with only fallopian tubes and no ovaries, so the fallopian tubes and other medicines of female snow clams are called snow clam oil, also known as snow clam paste, clam oil, and forest frog oil.

Although snow clams are valuable tonics, if you eat too much for too long, you will come across snow clams. Experts believe that in general, about 10?
15 grams is enough, and once a week is enough for ordinary people.

It is not suitable for eating under any circumstances, and some people may even have a substitute for eating snow clams.

For example, endocrine disorders may cause menstrual disorders after eating snow clams. Women of childbearing age should be cautious and eat as little as possible, and for young women, excessive hormones are one of the causative factors of gynecological diseases.Don’t worry too much about the asynchronousness of snow clams. On the contrary, eating more can delay aging and improve skin care.

Because snow clam paste is actually the fallopian tube of female snow clams, which contains a large amount of female hormones, people with yang deficiency, people with colds, and people with thin stools are not suitable for consumption, otherwise they will produce bad substitutions and aggravate symptoms.