Cristiano Ronaldo’s Emma: Elena is dead for Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Emma: Elena is “dead” for Cristiano Ronaldo
Recently, Ronaldo’s sister Emma said in an interview that Elena was dead for Ronaldo.The former golden boy and girl have parted ways. At the end of last year, Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Elena ended a five-year relationship with their male and female friends. Cristiano Ronaldo’s status in 2015 was not good.No way.  Some sources suggested that Ronaldo, 30, and Elena, 29, during Christmas, Ronaldo hoped that Elena would attend a surprise birthday party about his mother, but Elena chose to refuse.Cristiano Ronaldo is a well-known filial son, and eventually the two chose to break up.However, Elena said that some reports are fabricated.  In a recent interview with Spanish magazine, Elena suspected that she would break up with Ronaldo. She expressed her ideal man’s loyalty and honesty. She also said that staying with the wrong people would feel ugly and insecure.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Emma confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo had broken up with Elena, but she said that the breakup was in January and belongs to the past.  She said: Elena (for Ronaldo) is like dead.Our leaders, the problems that they caused when they broke up, but we must look forward and overcome them.Cristiano Ronaldo is fine now, whether she is or not.He is very happy.Such a breakup is just like any other boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s over, so much.Now we have to look forward.(Hiraji)