White-collar men do n’t just make money, you should raise yourself

White-collar men do n’t just make money, you should raise yourself

The body of successful white-collar men seems to be more valuable.

Coughing into Mercedes-Benz, and sweating in the executive chair seems to be the most sad and mourning contrast in the world, and it is also the most unwilling thing for many white-collar men to face.

Let’s hear a few suggestions from experts on “white collar men’s self-cultivation”: Cultivate “Weekend Warrior Syndrome”: “The biggest difference between men and women is that they like to cultivate comradeship through sports and friends.

“Every week’s work battles, whether it is against a fierce basketball game or a relatively gentle golf, can let the large and small” components “on the body do a relaxing break.

Therefore, often perform contraction exercises; strictly control weight, participate in an aerobics training class suitable for you; and perform effective and effective muscle strengthening exercises every weekend.

Make your joints more flexible: “Most men’s joints are less flexible.

“It is easy to feel tension around the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle, and it is this tension that causes the pelvis to sag and cause soreness.

There is a good way to alleviate this symptom: lie flat on the floor, surround your left knee with both hands, and slowly lead your knee to your body for about 10 seconds, then your right knee.

Do it once a day at the beginning and increase to 2 each day in the future?
3 times.

Learn to pick things up correctly: This seems like a worthless topic.

“Most people simply bend down, grab the things and get up.

“But this is very incorrect, because it creates excessive stress on your back and can easily cause sharp pain and chronic discomfort.

The correct posture is to squat down completely, grab the items and slowly get up.

Reduce your “Beer Belly”: The “Beer Belly” that is aimed forward is no longer powerful, it will tilt the center of gravity forward, increase the burden on hip muscles, and cause muscle soreness.

Climbing stairs, swimming, walking, and rowing can all help you control and cut off your waistline, and restore your body’s center of gravity to its original normal position.