Where isn’t PK in life?

Where isn’t PK in life?

Tracing to the Source: Where Does PK Come From?

  ”Super Girls” has a lot of “Super Girls” and also created a lot of new things.

If you do n’t know “corn” and “jelly powder”, you can barely make sense. After all, the stories behind the new nouns created by “new new humans” contain a large basket, which ca n’t be explained clearly in three words;”Choose”, “PK”, it means that in this “post-supergirl era”, you are really “soiled” thoroughly.

  Look up in Shuo Wen Jie Zi, and find no explanation in Xinhua Dictionary.

It’s okay to steal the beam and change the pillars, just hide the sky and cross the sea. After careful “chewing”, you will find that these new terms actually have a clear “era background” and have been changed to “PK”.

  When I watched the Super Girl in the Guangzhou Division, I first heard the concept of “PK”. I didn’t know what it was. Then I saw Li Na and Yi Hui standing on the stage. After the chanting, they accepted the vote and then they were eliminated.

At that time, I realized that “heads-up” means “PK”, which means a bit of “overtime” in football.

However, the consequences of this “PK” are more serious than those of “Overtime.”

One of the two choices must be “deadly dying.”

Later, a large group of friends watched Super Girls together and happened to have “PK”, so they asked weakly, “What does PK mean?”

“I did not expect that a gay man solved the confusion for the girls.” PK initiated the online game.

Early online games did not support team formation, usually individual players killed robots or heads-up between two players.

In order to distinguish between players and robots against players, the duel between two players is called PK, which means player killing. On the contrary, it is killed by the robot set in the game and becomes NK (NpcKilling).The extended change is a one-on-one duel in any match, that is, heads-up.

“The crowd suddenly realized!

  It turns out that there are so many halls behind PK, which can give players a variety of “deaths” . In short, anyway, as long as you go to the PK stage, any “Pker” has the possibility of “blood sacrifice”Much like the duels in the costume dramas, with swords flying and dancing, after the sparks splashed, one fell to the ground and the other flew away.

The survival rule in the PK game believes in “either you die or I live”.

In fact, if you think about it, everyone in life may merge “Pker”, and it seems that PK may be staged between you and me at any time.

The so-called “endless life, more than PK”.

The most important one of your 100 reasons: It’s not that I’m not careful, because there can only be one winner.

  Supergirls let us recognise two English letters: P and K.

Boldly predict that the PK combination will be selected as the letter with the highest appearance rate this year.

The two letters are like two sharp swords flashing with cold light, staggered past, and lively.

The clever approximation of the super girl voice is to put the super girl sadly on the PK stage, you PK go.

The PK in the game is changed to be played by a real person, and even more bloody.

We were barefoot in front of the TV because of an accidental idol out.

But if you look at it in all directions, the play of PK is staged everywhere.

Other people PK you observe, or they are standing on the PK platform on a certain day of the month without even realizing it.

Viruses and firewalls PK, chase girls and love rivals PK, Bush Jr. and Osama bin Laden used bomb PK, female stars are dressed in red willows at the awards ceremony is not a PK . PK some PK follow the old routine.

For example, Saint Seiya, that is a typical version of a super boy, how deadly attractive it was to the majority of elementary and middle school students.

Hoshiya, Binghe, and so on are today’s Yuchun, Bi Chang, each with their own fans.

Every night, everyone was sitting staring wide-eyed, watching the saint fighters burst out of the universe and the bad guys in rounds of PK, their mood is the same as today’s super girl voice.

The only difference is that this kind of PK has a routine to follow and always has the same theme: justice will eventually defeat evil.

  Some PKs are out of order.

Because the results often make people fall below their glasses.

For example, in the “Tokyo Love Story”, Li Xiang, who smiled and crooked, fell in love with the wood-wood brain ball, and there was another beautiful woman who came back from it.

The PK of the two women did not have smoke, but was absolutely cruel.

In the end, Rimi took advantage of Maru’s hesitation to instigate Li Xiang.
It can only be said that PK is not absolutely proportional to strength. It is normal to be hacked if someone can’t bear someone to commit fraud.
  PK in life is often sudden.

At noon, I talked to my colleagues and waited for the elevator to prepare for lunch.

As soon as the elevator opened, it was full of people like candles.

Barely pushed my colleague, the colleague pulled me in again, the elevator yelled three times, and it was overweight.

When I pulled out, the elevator slowly closed the door quietly.

So, I was PK by the elevator.

  From schooling, employment, marriage to going downstairs for a meal full of PK, sometimes you PK others, sometimes others PK you.

Where is life not PK, life is wonderful because of PK.

How much tea talk after a super girl added?

Don’t take PK seriously, don’t take it too seriously.

After all, it’s a game, and having fun is the most important thing.