Single mother death case kicks off Nie Yuan’s case-solving process

“Single mother death case” kicks off Nie Yuan’s case-solving process
Sauna Night News (Reporter Liu Wei) On November 18, the forensic drama “Mind Forensic Medicine” adapted from the popular online novel “Listening to the Corpse” landed on iQiyi.The main feature of the play is that the forensic doctor Ming Chuan (Nie Yuan) and the deputy police captain Ding Chunqiu (Lu Fangsheng) jointly solved the suspense stories of many bizarre cases.In the plot broadcast on November 18th, the “Single Mother Death Case” not only shows the deep love of motherhood, but also covers the reality.Nie Yuan plays the main character Ming Chuan.Picture l comes from the Internet. In Mind Forensic Medicine, Ming Chuan and Ding Chunqiu have been good colleagues of colleagues for many years. A maverick and talented; an informal and sensitive.The “cold noodle forensic doctor” is matched with the “fun criminal policeman”. Both work and life are full of human warmth, and the two have cooperated with each other to jointly solve many cases.Among them, the protagonist Mingchuan is a professional forensic doctor who is full of human care. He uses his absolute professional technology to restore and speculate the ideas of the deceased. When dissecting the corpse, he insists on adopting the most optimal solution and insisting onThe position of the deceased considers the issue.In the play, Mingchuan’s sentence “I want the world to know that you have lived” also expresses Mingchuan’s attitude as a forensic doctor who strives to maintain the reputation of the “dead.”Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin