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Top 3 most wrong skin care methods

The beauty MM always wants to work hard in the bladder, and always wants to “reform” at both ends.

I absolutely do not know that it took time to bring infinite harm to the face. The wrong skin care method will definitely not achieve the purpose of skin care!

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The following editors will tell you about the three major mistakes in skin care.

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 ◆ Cleaning is too hastily. By thoroughly cleaning, it can replace the various burdens of skin relaxation on the face, and allow nutrients to come into contact with epidermal cells at zero distance.

Cleansing also helps to soften the skin, so that the stratum corneum can absorb more water, and the penetration and absorption capacity will be enhanced, but the wrong cleansing method will hardly achieve this effect.

  Wrong example: Many people are so careless when cleaning their skin, just after rushing to apply it, they wash the foam with water, the stratum corneum is not softened, and the nutrients in the skin care products have no time to penetrate and absorb.

Others do not even clean the oil and dirt on the surface of the skin. The retained oil and dirt will not only damage the skin, but also form a closed barrier, affecting the penetration and absorption of nutrients in subsequent skin care products.

  The right way: Generally speaking, be patient when cleaning your skin and try to take care of every inch of your skin.

You can use skin care products containing descaling ingredients to wash away the sebum and dirt on the surface layer of the skin, and then use a facial cleanser containing nutrients to massage the skin. The skin absorbs nutrients and promotes subcutaneous blood circulation, Thereby accelerating skin metabolism, it is more beneficial for nutrients to penetrate into the skin and soften the skin.

  Properly clean the skin of the face While cleaning the makeup and dirt on the face, it is accompanied by a gentle massage to help promote blood circulation on the face and bring a naturally rosy and healthy color to the face.

  Examples of skin types: STEP1 Remover for oily skin; STEP2 Deep Cleansing; Curry; STEP3 Oil Control Cleanser.

  ◆ Skin care disorder skin care includes two kinds of deep skin care and surface skin care, these two ways of skin care products have different effects.

The main function of the former is to provide nutrition to the skin, so absorption is very important; the other main function is to add a layer of protective film to the skin to prevent the skin from being damaged by the external adverse environment, so there is less requirement for absorption.

  Wrong example: first apply skin care, apply skin care products containing oils and barrier ingredients, such as creams, and then perform deep skin care, moisturizing water, body lotion, etc.

With this approach, the skin gradually forms a protective film, and the nutrients in deep skin care products are difficult to reach the inside of the skin. The nutrients cannot penetrate and absorb. The subsequent skin care work is equivalent to doing nothing.

  In addition, first apply oily skin care products and then use water-based skin care products. This will make it difficult for water to penetrate, and slender evaporation on the skin surface will cause skin care products to lose nutrients.

  The correct method: The correct method is to deep cleanse first to ensure that the skin can absorb excess nutrients, and then apply skin care products with moisturizing and moisturizing effects before external protection.

  When using skin care products, please pay attention to the principle that the smaller the molecule, the more you apply first, such as toner, essence, eye cream, lotion, cream, cream skin care products, the more refreshing the thickness, the thinner the more you use it first.Conducive to the full absorption of various nutrients.

  Example of skin type: STEP1 moisturizing toner for dry skin; STEP2 moisturizing serum; STEP3 eye cream (or eye gel); STEP4 moisturizer (if it is a dry season or dry area, you can also use a moisturizer); STEP5Moisturizing cream; STEP6 sunscreen (daytime).

  ◆ Nutrient components in skin care products with excessive nutrition have their own advantages, which can make the skin appear different radiance: whitening, revitalizing, hydrating, only with combination, so that the skin has time to absorb differentNutrients can make your skin healthy, fair and shiny.

If various nutrients are collectively “thrown” to the skin, the result will only be counterproductive.

  Wrong example: Deep cleansing and exfoliation are performed at the same time: The skin’s tolerance is limited. After deep cleansing, epidermal cells are likely to be inadvertently damaged and need rest and nourishment to recover. If you exfoliate again, it may causeThe skin gets deeper and the absorption of nutrients is impossible to talk about.

  The right way: Deep cleansing can be done often, but not with exfoliating.

It is best to exfoliate alone once a week without deep cleansing.

  Example of skin type: For deep skin, you can use deep cleansing facial cleanser in zone T to exfoliate every three days or once a week. Use gentle cleanser in zone U to do exfoliating care every week or every other weekAt the same time: general whitening skin care products will contain tiny powdery particles, which need a process to penetrate from the skin surface to the inside of the skin.

During this period, the pores and hair follicles are in a tense working state. If soothing skin care products are used at this time, the skin cells will relax quickly, and the whitening particles and molecules will stagnate in the stratum corneum or other parts of the skin and cannot be truly absorbed.
  The correct method: After applying whitening products or whitening masks, do not use soothing toners, cleansing lotions, etc., instead of tired skin aging or when not doing whitening care.

  Wrong example: Essence and barrier cream are used at the same time: Essence is a micromolecular skin care product with repairing and revitalizing effects. Her repairing and moisturizing ability is very strong, but it needs to pass through the skin’s free breathing to penetrate.More thorough.

Apply the barrier cream first, the essence is difficult to penetrate, apply the barrier cream first, the external barrier cream will prevent the skin from breathing, the nutrients in the essence can not enter, anyway, not suitable for simultaneous use.

  The correct method: Apply isolating cream during the day and do not use isolating liquid at night.

Allows skin time to soothe and relax and better absorb nutrients.

  Examples of skin types: Normal skin Daytime: STEP1 cleansing; STEP2 toner; STEP3 eye cream; STEP4 lotion; STEP5 isolation cream.

  Evening: STEP1 cleansing; STEP2 essence; STEP3 eye cream; STEP4 cream.