Some steps of sun protection in summer cannot be ignored_1

Some steps to avoid sunscreen in summer

Annual sun protection season, are you really ready?

How to make sunscreen no longer be lost, no negligence, no longer blind?

Xiao Bian summarized for you 3 don’t and 3 don’t, so you don’t look at the flowers in the fog and thoroughly do sunscreen homework this summer!


hzh {display: none; }  1.Apply 20 minutes in advance and apply sunscreen every two hours. You do n’t have to worry about applying it in strict accordance with 2 hours, but you should remember to apply it after a while. The most convenient surface is sunscreen powder.Make up in the evening, keep your makeup fresh and anti-radiation!


If you are in the right seat, 4 types of people will choose 4 types of facial sunscreen. If you are a makeup artist without makeup, use a base makeup with SPF index. Do n’t forget to use sunscreen powder to supplement sunscreen at any time. If you are a plain beauty, choose the skin color that suits youA sunscreen that corrects skin tone at the same time; if you are a whitening madman, choose a whitening sunscreen, which can inhibit the growth of melanin at the same time.


If you want healthy skin, use suntan products to protect your skin. Use sunscreen products before, after, and after you do your homework. Exfoliate thoroughly before use to allow the active ingredients to penetrate better. Absorb evenly and not hinder the use of sponge blocks.Let it absorb for at least 20 minutes and wear clothes.


For freshness, just apply a thin layer or it is recommended to choose a light and breathable product. It is also not possible to apply the thick layer blindly. It is too thick to absorb easily and the skin does not breathe, which affects the sun protection effect.


Always store sunscreen in bags and cars at room temperature and store in a dry place. Put one each in your home and office, and apply before leaving and after work. If you can go out, it ‘s best to bring a canvas or rattan bag with you.Keep the bag in a cool place.


Take a lot of sunscreen off your body and choose oily bath products, such as olive oil, avocado, etc., which help to clear sunscreen better.

Tanning products bind to proteins on the skin surface and should be removed with acid-containing exfoliating products.