Development and Reform Commission’s Digital Transformation Partnership Action launches New Power Plan

Development and Reform Commission’s “Digital Transformation Partnership Action” launches “ New Power Plan”
On May 13, the “Digital Transformation Partnership Action” sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission was launched.As a partner in its smart technology field, officially released the “JD New Power Plan” for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing free and preferential open products, technologies, services and resources for the core pain points of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.This is another replacement for to help companies alleviate the impact of the epidemic in the post-epidemic era after the release of the “JD New Momentum Plan” for large and medium-sized enterprises.The forthcoming digital transformation partner action is a joint promotion mechanism of the National Development and Reform Commission to help enterprises to cope with the epidemic, and to join the government and all sectors of the society to jointly create a “government guidance-platform empowerment-leading leadership-institutional support-diversified services” to promoteInclusiveness “Shangyun uses numbers to empower wisdom” to help small and medium-sized enterprises transform.” ‘s dual digital transformation infrastructure provider also hopes to become a partner and peer in the digital transformation of small, medium and micro enterprises.”The chairman of the technical committee of, the president of and the IEEE researcher, Dr. Zhou Bowen said.Throughout the whole country and direct contact with the whole country and in-depth insight into small and medium-sized enterprises At present, has established industrial parks in several cities across the country. Through alignment and grasping throughout the country, can deeply contact and understand the actual situation of small and medium-sized enterprises across the country.And needs.Moreover, relying on e-commerce and logistics platforms, can gain insight into and link to the segmentation of the industrial Internet and consumer Internet. This is ‘s natural advantage in understanding SMEs and helping SMEs better.According to the indicators of the nationwide layout, through extensive surveys of small and medium-sized enterprises, overall, at present, the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises mainly faces three types of pain points, namely: insufficient conversion capacity, “will not transfer”; high conversion costs, “can not transferThe transitional pain period is relatively long, “Dare not turn.”In response to the core pain points, the “JD New Power Plan” was launched based on the core pain points of digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises. As the core channel for JD ‘s external technology and service output, JD Cloud is based on years of commercial and technological precipitation, integrating core business and resource advantagesBased on technologies such as computing, AI, IoT, big data, and blockchain, the “Jingdong New Power Plan” was launched: ● For the problem that small and medium-sized enterprises will not change, provide from artificial intelligence, cloud computing infrastructure to blockchain and itsThe platform’s output capability reduces the technology used by small, medium and micro enterprises.● For the problem of non-transferability, give full play to energy efficiency, based on the ability of the supply chain, use big data technology to help SMEs digital transformation for free.For example, it provides a series of digital procurement, supply chain management and product solutions based on’s resource supply chain structure, enterprise procurement SaaS for 100,000 small, medium and micro enterprise customers.● Provide cloud infrastructure services and a large number of SaaS solutions for the problem of not dare to switch, so that enterprises can not only have digital transformation infrastructure available, but also obtain different types of products and solutions in the process of shaping transformation.Technology Huijie helps Fuqing food companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. The “JD New Power Plan” is actually the accumulation of different types of enterprises based on the long-term service of Jingdong Zhilian Cloud.Enterprises can achieve more efficient, more convenient and more equal access to technology and services, becoming a new driving force for enterprises.This is most vividly demonstrated in the process of helping Fuqing Food Enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency and enjoy synergies.Fujian Fuqing has an industrial foundation that covers the global seafood supply chain. There are more than 4,000 military seafood and food-related small and micro enterprises in the world. Both foreign imports and domestic sales are traditional offline channel models.The sudden emergence of the new crown epidemic has caused a steep decline in overseas orders for the Fuqing food industry, and a large number of export-oriented enterprises are facing a crisis of has built a “Jingdong Yuanhong Food Display Trading Public Service Platform” for Fuqing based on the food industry for B-end and C-end circulation. Through this platform, it integrates all the production, procurement, sales and supply of the entire industry chainWith the help of digital applets and mobile APP.At the same time, based on the intelligent supply chain, the platform uses artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other technologies for matching, deployment and transportation, which greatly improves the market efficiency of its global seafood supply chain.For small and medium-sized enterprises, Jingdong Zhilian Cloud relies on the advantages of and combines technologies and resources in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data to provide cloud facilities, reduce the performance of transformation doors, and reduce the cost of small and medium-sized enterprises.To increase efficiency, you can also use the super ecology of the intelligent supply chain to drive the upstream and downstream industry chains, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy synergistic benefits.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chang Zhao Ze proofreading Chen Diyan