Kamei is a little girl at the mercy of her new album Romance

Kamei is a little girl at the mercy of her new album “Romance”
Since Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gradually slipped from the peak of European and American Latin pop music, many people are speculating, who will take this Latin queen gun?In 2016, the lovely girl Camila Cabello (nicknamed Kamei) from Cuba showed her unlimited potential and ambition with a song “Havana”.Among the wild sexy of traditional Latin female singers, Camilla’s petite body and sweet face are unique, and her genre is closer to the appreciation of American listeners on the basis of traditional Latin dance music and lightning strikes.In her first album, the image of “sweet and fresh but full of passionate Latin girls” has already stood on her heels.The first album cover.On December 6, Camilla Cabello released her second solo album “Romance”, which continues to incorporate the popular music elements of young people’s favorite in the Latin style, trying to ascend to the throne of the new era Latin queenThe album’s repertoire is not without luxury, and it also invited talented pioneer producers including Billy Elish’s brother Phineas.Before the release of the album, under the love blessings of Kamei and Sean Mendez, the first wave of the main “Senorita” has already won the hot 100 championship.But unfortunately, after listening to the whole album, the most audible work is still this “Senorita”, even “Bad Kind of Butterfly”, “Crying for Me”, “Shameless”, it sounds good, alsoQuite a few styles of works, but the stacking and patchwork of other songs really overwhelmed the light of these songs.为了让卡妹尽快脱去稚气,索尼唱片在这张专辑中堆叠了太多的音乐元素,《Living Proof》像是泰勒·斯威夫特的专辑里剩下的歌,而《Should’ve Said It”It is like rewriting the words on the accompaniment of” Havana “.This album cover.Almost every song has more than three composers and lyricists. Although this is not a rare thing in modern pop music, it is a bit exaggerated that the 14 songs are so.As a result of such abuse of multi-person co-authoring, most of the songs in “Romance” are almost unrestrainedly throwing one after another into the song. These motives are good, but whether they are harmonious together seems to changeBecome a thing that no one cares about.As a result, the finished product of the album is as we have heard: most of the songs will have a problem with a very low degree of uniformity: a feeling in section A, a sudden change in section B, and section C even like another song.This is the common problem of almost every song except “Sororita” on this album.This will make most listeners who grow up listening to pop songs that have an overall episode have a rather tormented feeling.And the album did this, and it was not very suitable for the temperament of Kamei.Although she has a good treble ability, the treble in “Proof of Life” seems to have been set in a sound zone that she is not so good, easy to sharp and harsh.And the extended long list of 14 songs has too many songs in order to highlight the girl “girl to adult” in order to broaden her audience, but instead distinguishes her from the sweetness and youthfulness of other Latin female singers.Too.Card sister and boyfriend Mondez.Of course, the issue of this album cannot be fully pushed to the record company, and the card sister also has to bear certain responsibilities.After all, as the core of this album is the “singer”, there are many songs in this album that she participated in the creation (but the actual proportion is doubtful), but in this album, she rarely hears her ownwill.She accepted the messy areas and accepted the sound area that was not suitable for her. She tried to complete it hard, but made her look like a good baby who completely obeyed the “business rules”. “If this can be doneEarn more profits, so let ‘s take it. ”From her leaving the five-beauty group, to falling in love with Mondez, and then to the launch of” Romance “, there always seems to be a” commercial devil “in KameiWhispered in the ear of the girl, and Kamei obediently obeyed each time, playing the Cuban girl in the first secondary school and the mature Latin woman who gradually grew up in the second secondary school, and said ambiguous words about love in the interview.The photojournalist poses for them to take clear love photos.And a real superstar has never been at this mercy. They should always have their own soul and implement it in the record. They always struggle in the image and real self imposed on them by this bad industry. This struggle to shapeIn addition to the sound works they threw, the girl in “Romance” is too cooperative.She allowed many creators to put together her works, and the resulting record routine was too obvious: the producer is catering to the market, and the girl is cooperating with the producer to cater to the market.Works made for the sake of coincidence often fail to achieve this goal in the end.Kamei’s road to the future, I’m afraid I have to walk again.□ You Zuo (music critic), editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen, proofreading Li Ming